About Base-12

A jazzy story

personnel members: Max Wolly (piano) Soet kempeneer (Bass) Vic Khddj (drums)

Our group Base-12 comes from Brussels. We love jazz because it gives us the opportunity to create something unique in the moment: there is nothing like experiencing a live performance, whether on stage or in the audience. As you are witnessing the live act, art is being created in that very moment. 

Max Wolly is the pianist, leader, and composer of  the group. 

In 2019 Max Wolly released his first album ("Blue Sunbeam") with Otto Kint (Double Bass), Oscar Georges (Drums) and two special guests : Alain Pierre and Guillaume Vierset (Guitars). 

We try to reconcile the pop and the jazz worlds with catchy tunes, mixed with some beautiful jazz standards. For the album, we have recorded "My funny valentine".

The group Base-12 was formed in 2015, initially with the drummer Paul Berne and the double bass player Cyrille Obermüller.

Max Wolly : “Paul lived in France and Cyril moved to Nederland. So I needed new musicians for Base-12. I heard Oscar and Otto playing in jam sessions in jazz clubs in Brussels and asked them to join the band. When we played for the first time together, something magical, spiritual and authentic happened, so I decided to make our first album. This particular power fills you with a contagious pleasure. We feel it directly: Base-12 is in the service of music and, above all, of his listeners, informed jazz amateurs or those eager to discover new groups.” 

Former band members: Matteo Mazzù (Bass), Nicolas Puma (Bass) Christi Joza Orisha (Drums), Lucas Vanderputten (Drums).